Savage Midgard

Episode 8: Lord Chompy Bits

Friabol was attacked by LCB in the shadows. He fought the monster off, but not before he was lent some assistance by the Goddess Lada, who showed Freabol a mysterious symbol.

Some hijinks ensued with the Donners, young Malcolm and The City Watch.

Eventually, Friabol discovered the meaning of the mysterious symbol. It belongs to an ancient sect of Lada, known as Darkhunters. This group had devoted themselves to hunting and killing the Shadow Fey. Friabol was also granted a vision of a elderly woman in The Cartways.

In The Cartways, they discover Zzerxes, a Gearforged that is the last remaining Darkhunter. Zzerxes shares information on how the Donners can try to defeat Lord Chompy Bits.

The final confrontation happens in The House of Dawn. An older temple to Lada. The priest put Malcolm to sleep and release LCB. The battle takes place in Midgard, the Shadows, and in Malcolm’s dreamscape. Eventually, they kill Chompy and do what is needed to sever his link with the Shadow Realm. They have Lord Chompy’s body to present to The City Watch, and all should be well…



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