Savage Midgard

Episode 8: Lord Chompy Bits

The following happened:

  • Binen Made 3 new contacts.
    1) Brad the Observant – Fortune Teller
    2) Crazy Ruffus – Pawn and Trade
    3) Andrea Maximus, Head butler of House Jabbar
  • Bloodthirsty Bertha attempted to adopt some Children from Lady Lada’s Mercy Orphanage
  • Friabol repaired the gear forged monster enough to teach it 4 commands
    1) Move to X
    2) Grab X
    3) Crush X
    4) Shut down
  • Kashigi Yabu explored his own inner turmoil, trying to discover the other side of his personality
  • Friedrick tried to make some amends for the terrible things he had done.
  • Brunhilde got drunk some more

Once all of this was completed, Binen and Bertha were invited by Findle and Karkar to dinner and an opportunity to repair their debt. However, it was a set up. Sgt. Sam Overton was waiting. He made the two Donners and offer. Help him find proof that Cp. Penny Dickens is committing a vigilante murders.

The Donners created an elaborate setup, using Bertha as bait. They drew Cp. Dickens in, but he wasn’t the one responsible. His 10 year old Son, Malcolm, dreams up a monster when his farther takes his his frustrations on the boy. That monster, Lord Chompy Bits, then attacks whomever is irritating Cp. Dickens.

The Donners managed to defeat Lord Chompy Bits for now. But he will come back the next time Malcolm dreams. There is also the problem of how to provide proof of this the Sgt. Sam Overton…



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