Savage Midgard

Episode 6: The Arcane Collegium

  • The Dunners do a bit of prep work before going the the ruins of the old Arcane Collegium
  • Binen Boldtrader makes a deal with a low ranking member of The Shadow Court to trade bitter memories for the ability to use The Painted Man’s Ledger. He agrees to meet the Shadow Fey back at the
  • Yoshi meeds a contact to get try to find Drakeweed in town. He agrees to meet back in two days.
  • The Dunners decide to eleminate the competition and ambush Morgan’s Freedmen, beating them senseless and permanently maiming their archer.
  • The party thought they were free and clear, but when they arrived on site, the realized that the ruins were infested with ghouls.
  • The ghouls were defeated, but was this just the first wave?



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