Savage Midgard

Episode 8: Lord Chompy Bits

Friabol was attacked by LCB in the shadows. He fought the monster off, but not before he was lent some assistance by the Goddess Lada, who showed Freabol a mysterious symbol.

Some hijinks ensued with the Donners, young Malcolm and The City Watch.

Eventually, Friabol discovered the meaning of the mysterious symbol. It belongs to an ancient sect of Lada, known as Darkhunters. This group had devoted themselves to hunting and killing the Shadow Fey. Friabol was also granted a vision of a elderly woman in The Cartways.

In The Cartways, they discover Zzerxes, a Gearforged that is the last remaining Darkhunter. Zzerxes shares information on how the Donners can try to defeat Lord Chompy Bits.

The final confrontation happens in The House of Dawn. An older temple to Lada. The priest put Malcolm to sleep and release LCB. The battle takes place in Midgard, the Shadows, and in Malcolm’s dreamscape. Eventually, they kill Chompy and do what is needed to sever his link with the Shadow Realm. They have Lord Chompy’s body to present to The City Watch, and all should be well…

Episode 8: Lord Chompy Bits

The following happened:

  • Binen Made 3 new contacts.
    1) Brad the Observant – Fortune Teller
    2) Crazy Ruffus – Pawn and Trade
    3) Andrea Maximus, Head butler of House Jabbar
  • Bloodthirsty Bertha attempted to adopt some Children from Lady Lada’s Mercy Orphanage
  • Friabol repaired the gear forged monster enough to teach it 4 commands
    1) Move to X
    2) Grab X
    3) Crush X
    4) Shut down
  • Kashigi Yabu explored his own inner turmoil, trying to discover the other side of his personality
  • Friedrick tried to make some amends for the terrible things he had done.
  • Brunhilde got drunk some more

Once all of this was completed, Binen and Bertha were invited by Findle and Karkar to dinner and an opportunity to repair their debt. However, it was a set up. Sgt. Sam Overton was waiting. He made the two Donners and offer. Help him find proof that Cp. Penny Dickens is committing a vigilante murders.

The Donners created an elaborate setup, using Bertha as bait. They drew Cp. Dickens in, but he wasn’t the one responsible. His 10 year old Son, Malcolm, dreams up a monster when his farther takes his his frustrations on the boy. That monster, Lord Chompy Bits, then attacks whomever is irritating Cp. Dickens.

The Donners managed to defeat Lord Chompy Bits for now. But he will come back the next time Malcolm dreams. There is also the problem of how to provide proof of this the Sgt. Sam Overton…

Episode 6: The Arcane Collegium
  • The Dunners do a bit of prep work before going the the ruins of the old Arcane Collegium
  • Binen Boldtrader makes a deal with a low ranking member of The Shadow Court to trade bitter memories for the ability to use The Painted Man’s Ledger. He agrees to meet the Shadow Fey back at the
  • Yoshi meeds a contact to get try to find Drakeweed in town. He agrees to meet back in two days.
  • The Dunners decide to eleminate the competition and ambush Morgan’s Freedmen, beating them senseless and permanently maiming their archer.
  • The party thought they were free and clear, but when they arrived on site, the realized that the ruins were infested with ghouls.
  • The ghouls were defeated, but was this just the first wave?
Episode 5: A Typical Bar Brawl

- Episode 5
– Team wakes up after a crazy drug fueled night.
– They hear about jobs at Hedgehog Tavern and head that way
– Once at the Hedgehog Tavern, they are approached by a member
of The Potioneers and The Cognatists
– Both have a job where they want Drakeweed from the ruined
Arcane Collegium.
– Potioneers will pay in potions
– Gearmages will pay by repairing automaton
– The Getter Donners pick a fight with Morgan’s Freedmen, that
the Gearmages have hired
– The bar fight ends in a stalemate when the bartender
breaks it up.

Episode 4: Grimmoss

- Episode 4
– The Shadow Fey are visiting Zobeck
– Freabold tries to do get some information on the Grantalina’s
Orb he has found
– In the meantime, the rest of the group gets a job trying to get
rid of a Grimmoss dealer in the Kobold Quarter.
– Instead, the group hires the Grimmoss dealers, a family of
Minotaurs, Henry, Henrieta, and little Harry.

Episode 3: Sirrah Pretty-Ears

- Episode 3
– The Party attempts to transport Sirrah Pretty-Ears to The Painted
– They are harassed by kobold gangs
– Corporal Miles Figgis confronts them about help investigating the
murder of a Griffon Knight.
– Of course The Getter Donners did this
– After a little discussion, the group made a convoluted plan to
both return Sirrah to the Painted Man and frame him for the
Griffon Knight murder
– To do this, Freidrick murders John P. Cornseller
– The setup doesn’t quite pay off though. Nothing seems to
have happened to The Painted Man, and the body of Corporal
Figgis showed up on the banks of The Argent River
– When the party offers Sirrah, they realize it was to offer a
daughter to Findle and Karkar

Episode 2: The Painted Man

- Episode 2
– Vincent has tracked down Getter Donners at their safehouse
– It is time to get Paedrick’s Snuffbox to The Painted Man
– Painted Man is no longer interested in the Snuffbox
– Instead he wants the Getter Donners to steal food from an
incoming barge and deliver it the Mercy of Lada Orphanage
– The party gets the food
– In the process they kill a member of The Zobeck Griffon Riders
– When they get the food to the orphanage, they are given Sirrah
Pretty-ears to deliver to The Painted Man in payment for the food

Episode 1: The Painted Pony

- Episode 1: The Painted Pony
– Group meets at Painted Pony
– Vincent Black asked for help from Getter Donners
– His wife Agetha is deathly ill. He had made a deal with The
Painted Man for a cure but he couldn’t pay. Now she is sick
– To pay, he needs to deliver a magical snuffbox to painted
– The snuffbox belongs to his boss, and the owner of
The Painted Pony, Paedrik Pol
– Vincent asks the Getter Donners if they would get the
Snuffbox and deliver it to The Painted Man in hopes that his
wife would get well again.
– When the party tries to steel the snuffbox, they prove the
subtlety is not their strong suit
– Get caught by a giant gearforged guardian
– They manage to get Paedrick’s Snuffbox, along with
Grantalina’s Orb
– In the processes, The Painted Pony is pretty much gutted.


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